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1 parent e3bd58b commit 2a035bff5933071498efef156e72b30de8fe97cd @wesleyche committed Mar 21, 2013
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@@ -106,3 +106,14 @@ Changelog
2. SrcExpl_GetVer(), getting the Source Explorer version for the forward
- Added debug/logging functions for the internal development.
+- Add the fast way for displaying the previous or next definition in
+the jump list. The new feature is similar with the commands called cprev
+and cnext for operating the Quickfix list. You can add below config lines in
+your .vimrc or just update your Trinity to v2.1.
+ 1. " // Set "<F3>" key for displaying the previous definition in the jump list
+ let g:SrcExpl_prevDefKey = "<F3>"
+ 2. " // Set "<F4>" key for displaying the next definition in the jump list
+ let g:SrcExpl_nextDefKey = "<F4>"
+- Fix a bug when clicking the default prompt line in the Source Explorer window.

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