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A (G)Vim plugin which build the trinity of Source Explorer, TagList and NERD tree to be an IDE for software development.
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The Trinity plugin manages Source Explorer, Taglist and NERD Tree, and build them as a great IDE.



  1. Place the Trinity files (trinity.vim and NERD_tree.vim) in your Vim directory (such as ~/.vim) or have it installed by a bundle manager like Vundle or NeoBundle.
  2. Open the three plugins together with :TrinityToggleAll or map these commands to keys in your .vimrc (Settings Example)


Trinity requires:

  • Vim 7.0 or higher


Left window is Taglist, Bottom window is Source Explorer, and Right window is NERD Tree

One Declaration Found

Settings Example

" Open and close all the three plugins on the same time 
nmap <F8>  :TrinityToggleAll<CR> 

" Open and close the Source Explorer separately 
nmap <F9>  :TrinityToggleSourceExplorer<CR> 

" Open and close the Taglist separately 
nmap <F10> :TrinityToggleTagList<CR> 

" Open and close the NERD Tree separately 
nmap <F11> :TrinityToggleNERDTree<CR> 


- Add the configurations for supporting Source Explorer v6.0.

- Add the default keys for supporting Source Explorer v5.2 fast way of multi-defs jumping.

- Support the Named Buffer Version of Source Explorer (v5.1 and above).
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