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Charade is an ssh-agent in cygwin that proxies requests to pageant.
If you don't use cygwin or pageant, you don't need charade.
+If you're happy with plink, you don't need charade.
+(I love putty, but I prefer openssh to plink.)
Background: I tolerate Windows XP. I actually quite like it. But it
needs putty, and it needs cygwin to be usable. I used to maintain
@@ -9,8 +11,19 @@ and another for cygwin's openssh, which I kept in ssh-agent/keychain.
Eventually I got fed up maintaining two key pairs and charade was born.
-It's really just a program that pretends to be ssh-agent on one side
-and pretends to be putty on the other.
+Charade just pretends to be ssh-agent on one side and putty on the other.
+It's a shim between openssh and pageant.
+It aspires to be a drop-in replacement for ssh-agent, and that's how I use
+it atm. It works for me. It probably won't work for you.
+I stole large swathes of code from (i) Simon Tatham's putty (mostly
+putty-src/windows/winpgntc.c) and (ii) openssh's (and Tatu Ylonen's
+and Marcus Friedl's) ssh-agent.c.
+I have these two lines in my .bash_profile file:
+ keychain -q -Q
+ . .keychain/`hostname`-sh
How do you run it? Just like ssh-agent. Specifically, to try it out:
1. Clone the repository
@@ -21,4 +34,7 @@ How do you run it? Just like ssh-agent. Specifically, to try it out:
6. Launch a new shell or putty and try it out
If you have a key in pageant, you should be able to go where it points.
-Wesley Darlington, November 2009.
+It just forwards ssh messages, so surprising (to me!) things Just Work,
+like adding keys with ssh-add instead of through the pageant gui.
+Wesley Darlington, December 2009.

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