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The `git` protocol is not available for anon access! #12

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exhuma commented May 27, 2012

I changed the clone URL to use the https protocol, which is accessible for anyone.

@exhuma exhuma The `git://` access is not accessible for anonymous access.
I changed the clone URL to use the `https` protocol, which is accessible for anyone.

I don't think that's right -- git:// is always anonymous read-only access. https:// can be read-only or read-write depending on whether you authenticate, and only ssh:// actually requires authentication.


So, yeah, git:// works for me too from wherever.
What's the case where it doesn't work for you?
So I don't think that's enough reason to change the docs.
But maybe there are other reasons?
(e.g. Is https, like, less susceptible to mitm attacks than git:// connections perhaps? Annoying corporate firewalls?)

Ah, yes, both of those alternate reasons are plausible. git:// has no host verification like https://, and it runs on port 9418 that restrictive firewalls may not let through.

Okay. It's the firewall then :)
Both jobs I worked at only let pass ports 80 and 443. So that's the reason!


OK, good stuff. Do you think we should change the docs anyway?

Not necessarily. I suppose people who are using git are savvy enough to know what's going on ;)
When it was not working at first, I thought that github did not allow anonymous access via the git proto.


:-) OK, I'll leave it for now. Keep sending patches though!!! :-)

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