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Information about the upcoming Technical Writers Summit
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2019 Technical Writers Summit

  • WHEN: Thursday, May 2nd, 2019 from 7pm-9pm
  • WHERE: Grand Salon @ Grand America Hotel - NG-CONF Location, Salt Lake City, UT
  • TOPICS: State of Technical Writing, Tips & Tricks, Pain Points, Best Practices, Networking
  • AUDIENCE: Anyone interested in blogging technical articles

Registration Closed

Please take a moment and register for the event. The cost is free, but we would like to get a count of attendees.

Talks Summary

About The Summit

This will be a round-table group discussion, wherein we cover practical topics such as writing workflows, tools we use, article topic choices, distribution platforms, learning to handle online critiques in a constructive way, best practices for code examples, quality over quantity, and overcoming challenges for under-represented groups.

Get Involved

To get involved create an issue with one of the following tags and add any additional information:

  • Topic Suggestion - topic-suggestion
  • Resource Suggestion - resource-suggestion
  • Summit Notes - notes
  • Create Summit Website - website
  • Record/Live Stream Summit - record-livestream

The Inspiration Behind The Event

For most developers, the thought of writing an article is terrifying, I want new or aspiring writers to get past that fear and dive in. Writing is a great way to master a topic and share the love with others of what you have learned.

I would also like to explore ways to translate our technical writing ability into higher quality product documentation. We all need to get more involved in submitted Docs PRs to Angular and other libraries.

Also, we as a writing community need to dive in and own our space, we need to actively reach out to those new to the Angular community and provide them with great resources to bust through walls they are hitting.

Please Note

Create an issue on GitHub or contact me on Twitter or wesgrimes at gmail dot com if you have any questions.

Original Twitter Thread

Link Here

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