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Email Security PowerShell Scripts
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Email Security and PowerShell

Within this repo is my presentation and associated content from my talk(s) on PowerShell and Email Security. The basis of the presentation revolves around a ew main points


I go very in depth on the origins of SPF, how it came to be and what it's function is

Sender ID

I briefly highlight Sender ID and show why it's not used anymore


I cover DKIM in a medium depth overview and show how it's used especially in alignment to DMARC.


This is a very in depth overview of DMARC, and how it combines SPF and DKIM along with alignment methods to demonstrate email security.


The demo is only show in person, but I demonstrate how O365 is inherently vulnerable to all DMARC phishing attacks due to the nature of how it works. As Microsoft cares more about email deliverability rather than security.

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