A node.js script using express and request to connect a Slack Slash Command with a given API, in this case to return a random name when the command '/witnessprotection <male or female>' is entered on Slack.
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  1. Fork this repo, and clone your forked repo.

  2. Run npm install

    • Within app.js choose your own api call and customize this code for your own slack commands.
  3. Push this repo onto a server (example: heroku)

  4. Copy YOUR server url: (example: http://foo-barrr-15071.herokuapp.com/)

  5. Go to: https://api.slack.com/custom-integrations

  6. Click: New /command

  7. Click: Add Configuration

  8. choose a command: /foobar

  9. choose method: GET

  10. paste URL from step 3.

  11. save integration