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Releases: wesleywerner/basslover

Version 2

14 Jan 15:50
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Version 2 (2018-01-14)

This version runs with LÖVE 0.10.2, it is not compatible with LÖVE 11.0


  • Angler sign-in screen.
  • Shiny buttons and switches with tab-navigation.
  • New tournament lake selection screen.
  • You can now fish 1-day tournaments.
  • Game sounds and music.
  • A new options screen to set units of measure, sounds and music.
  • A detailed weather forecast screen.
  • A dedicated live well screen.
  • Mini map that shows your position.
  • Records player and tournament statistics.
  • Pretty charts - cycle them with mouse wheel or arrow keys.
  • Unobtrusive notifications when you land a fish.
  • Move your boat using the mouse, must be enabled in the options screen.


  • A new main menu layout.
  • Improved the tournament layout.
  • Display the cast range in the rod selection screen.
  • Rework the lure selection: Allow scroll with mouse wheel. Hover colors for a preview.
  • Allow casting while navigating the boat.
  • Switching between outboard and trolling motors now uses time.
  • Reduce the outboard cut-off time to 2 seconds.
  • The outboard motor uses less time the faster you go.
  • Land tiles now have round corners.
  • Fish now spawn randomly for each game.


  • Crashing while moving mouse when exiting the main menu.
  • Crash when certain randomly generated lakes spawn fish not near any feeding zones.
  • Title-case angler name and allow apostrophe's and dashes.
  • Avoid placing the player boat on top of obstacles or other boats when launching.

Version 1

23 Dec 18:14
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Version 1