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Silver Steel

A freelance spy is a great job. It pays well and you get to travel to new and interesting places. Unless you get caught, that part is not so great. You open the unmarked envelope and unfold the mission briefing enclosed within: Infiltrate MegaCorp, gain access to the data centre, download the database. So here you are, standing in the foyer of MegaCorp, disguised as a repairman.

Silver Steel is a spy themed interactive fiction story.


See file COPYING for the source code license.


Release steps include tagging the current version and building a new website.

  • Generate release notes

    git log CURRENT_VERSION_TAG..HEAD --oneline >> CHANGES

  • Edit CHANGES

  • Update the release number in the story

  • Build a z8 file into the Materials directory

  • Build a blorb package (this includes the z8 from above as a download link in the website)

  • git add . && git commit -m "Update release version"

  • Tag the new version

    git tag -a NEW_VERSION

  • Push changes and tags

    git push --follow-tags


  • checkout gh-pages
  • cp -r "Code Name Silver Steel.materials/Release/*" .
  • git add . && git commit -m "Build"
  • git push && git checkout master