A psychological thriller interactive fiction game.
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Deliverance is a short interactive fiction story. It is a dark psychological thriller that contains elements of delusion and abduction. It may also contain triggers as viewed through the perpetrator's eyes. Sensitive players should approach carefully.

The source is written against the Inform7 compiler.


My thanks to these people, their testing was invaluable to the game's improvement!

  • heartless zombie

Credits and References

The floor layout taken from:

Cover art is a composite image comprised of:


Beta 2

  • Various grammar fixes.
  • Allow testing annotations with asterisks.
  • Display the Girl character's name, Victoria.
  • Add a starting dream sequence, introducing Victoria's life and husband, to build a connection with her.
  • Make the tied to a chair message clearer when taking inventory, noting you are tied with a rope. After getting up and falling sideways, you are allowed to take inventory with your one free hand (not that you are carrying anything).
  • Add touch feedback for the loft chair.
  • Add listening and smelling actions to most areas.
  • Made the first escape puzzle easier: Victoria encourages the player to try getting up again, and trying to move the chair hints to get up instead.
  • Make it clearer that your restraints are ropes.
  • Remove the mysterious "you feel faint" message.
  • When the player becomes Otto the first time, reduce the three thoughts on the lead to only one, printed as italics. Less interruptive, and establishes that Otto is not a perp, but looking for Victoria instead.
  • Print the direction of the front door.
  • Give the outside bay window a direction, and print it's open/closed state when examining it.
  • Examining the bones in the serving dish makes it clear they are human bones, who put them there, and that the person responsible is the suspect.
  • Remove the detective's unnatural knowledge of the painting, and put this information on a plaque fixed to the painting.
  • Add synonymns for the horsemen names.
  • Allow reading or examining the impression on the business card.
  • Add synonyms for teacups.
  • Describe the kitchen door as open/closed upon examination.
  • Remove the loft door from play. It was not used for much.
  • Remove the second floor bedroom that is empty. It only detracts from exploration.
  • Allowing "go out" and "go down" the window when in the top floor bedroom. When the player tries to "put sheet in window" we give a hint to tie it to something instead. Feedback when trying to search/look through the bedroom door.
  • Add synonyms to the bathroom mirror for "stain" and "edges".
  • Give better feedback when trying to shoot the safe.
  • Print the exit direction when in the second floor bedroom.
  • Allow looking down when hanging from the sheet outside the window.
  • After smashing the bathroom window change the description to say it is broken. Also tell the player they can go through it without cutting themselves, when they play as Victoria.
  • Change the position of the bathroom window so it is inside/outside.
  • Change the position of the upper escape window to inside/outside. You can now "go out" it, or "climb through it".
  • Add a synonymn action for "take a bath" as "get in the bath".
  • Let the player look through the bathroom window from both sides, giving different descriptions.
  • Prevent Victoria from climbing back out the window after she entered the bathroom through it.
  • Looking while hanging outside the lower window tells you that you can "go in", if the window is smashed open.
  • Add actions for trying to wash self in the bathroom. They are "wash self" and "wash face" and "bathe" and "wash arms".
  • When Victoria exits the bathroom, we end the scene as she runs down the stairs.
  • Fix printing the room description before switching the character, which caused the player to see their own self (Otto seeing himself in the living room during the final scenes).
  • Replace references to the "killer" with the character's name.
  • Simplify Victoria's description.
  • Make the loft room description less verbose.
  • Fix the description of the loft chair when it is upright or sideways.
  • Fix Tad taking the cleaver multiple times.
  • Remove the brass lantern and tactical torch. No need to force peculiar items during late afternoon/dusk.
  • Print a content warning when the game starts.
  • Add game info, and a very basic hint system.
  • When the player examines the impression on the business card, they commit the number to memory. When opening the safe, the code is automatically entered. There is no need for the player to manually enter any code into the safe anymore.
  • Change the default attack response.
  • Give feedback on entering the porch windows.
  • Give feedback looking under the parlour table and carpet.
  • Give responses to taking the living room painting and couch.
  • Set default responses for taking scenery or someting fixed in place.
  • Make it clear in the writing desk description that there are no drawers.
  • Add clothing as worn by Victoria.
  • Add some action responses for the boxes/crates in the loft: opening, attacking, standing on.
  • Add default waiting responses for each character.
  • Prevent opening the bay window if already open.
  • Add a pulling action for the serving trolley (you can't pull it, but just for complete responses).
  • Remove the living room door. It is useless and gets in our way.
  • Give feedback when Otto tries to smash the kitchen door. Later we mention this to Tad who is in the kitchen.
  • Allow the player to smash the teapot to get the business card, instead of opening it politely.
  • Give feedback when trying to get on the mattresses.
  • Fix a bug where entering the security gate was not the same action as going up.
  • Prevent the player closing the smashed open bathroom window.
  • The Demon growls at you if you ask or tell it anything.