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import numpy as np
from collections import defaultdict
import gc
import time
from pandas import DataFrame
from pandas.util.testing import rands
import random
N = 10000
indices = np.array([rands(10) for _ in xrange(N)], dtype='O')
indices2 = np.array([rands(10) for _ in xrange(N)], dtype='O')
key = np.tile(indices[:8000], 10)
key2 = np.tile(indices2[:8000], 10)
left = DataFrame({'key' : key, 'key2':key2,
'value' : np.random.randn(80000)})
right = DataFrame({'key': indices[2000:], 'key2':indices2[2000:],
'value2' : np.random.randn(8000)})
right2 = right.append(right, ignore_index=True)
right = right2
# random.shuffle(key2)
# indices2 = indices.copy()
# random.shuffle(indices2)
# Prepare Database
import sqlite3
create_sql_indexes = False
conn = sqlite3.connect(':memory:')
conn.execute('create table left( key varchar(10), key2 varchar(10), value int);')
conn.execute('create table right( key varchar(10), key2 varchar(10), value2 int);')
conn.executemany('insert into left values (?, ?, ?)',
zip(key, key2, left['value']))
conn.executemany('insert into right values (?, ?, ?)',
zip(right['key'], right['key2'], right['value2']))
# Create Indices
if create_sql_indexes:
conn.execute('create index left_ix on left(key, key2)')
conn.execute('create index right_ix on right(key, key2)')
join_methods = ['inner', 'left outer', 'left'] # others not supported
sql_results = DataFrame(index=join_methods, columns=[False])
niter = 5
for sort in [False]:
for join_method in join_methods:
sql = """select *
from left
%s join right
on left.key=right.key
and left.key2 = right.key2""" % join_method
if sort:
sql = '%s order by key, key2' % sql
f = lambda: list(conn.execute(sql)) # list fetches results
g = lambda: conn.execute(sql) # list fetches results
start = time.time()
for _ in xrange(niter):
elapsed = (time.time() - start) / niter
sql_results[sort][join_method] = elapsed
sql_results.columns = ['sqlite3'] # ['dont_sort', 'sort']
sql_results.index = ['inner', 'outer', 'left']
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