Project that demos using different JS charting libs in combination with the Analytics API.
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Inspired by a post by the PM for Analytics at SFDC. Although I'm a great fan of D3 the complexity of the library makes it difficult for beginners so us tquilites have created a few examples of using the Analytics API with popular JS charting libraries.

#Google Charting API Demos ##Stacked Bar Chart (Matrix Report) Example Bar Chart

##Pie Chart (Summary Report) Example Bar Chart

##Bubble Chart (Summary Report) Bubble chart showing all the open opportunities and the numbers of days since the stage hasn't changed. The bigger the bubble is , the bigger the number of days. Example Bubble Chart

##Combo Chart (Summary Report) Combo chart showing the value of all opportunies agains the total amount of the closed won ones. Example Combo Chart

##Geomap Chart (Summary Report) Geomap chart which shows closed Opportunity revenue, summarised by country. Example Geomap Chart

##Word Cloud Chart (Summary Report) Word Cloud chart which shows closed Opportunity revenue, summarised by Industry. Example Word Cloud Chart

#Highchart Demos ##Waterfall Chart (Summary Report) Standard Opportunity Pipeline report using High Chart's Waterfall Chart. Shows sum value of opportunities at what stage of the sales process. Example Waterfall Chart

##Spiderweb Chart (Summary Report) Spiderweb chart which shows opportunities by owner and stage, with summed values. Example Spiderweb Chart

##Combination Chart (Matrix Report) Standard Opportunity report using High Chart's Combination Chart. Displays sum value of closed won, closed lost and open opportunities in the last 3 months. Example Waterfall Chart

#NVD3 Demos ##Stacked Bar Chart (Matrix Report) Example Bar Chart