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disable mp::configure in mp transient in networked mp

this was only executed on the host. And it didn't work in networked mp because the other clients didn't expect this, and proceeded to the next scenario immediately.
That's why i disabled it in networked mp.
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1 parent 8599266 commit c1dcd4629ff45a2cc6012bfb557b1bb29b9ad050 @gfgtdf gfgtdf committed Apr 21, 2014
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  1. +1 −1 src/playcampaign.cpp
@@ -625,7 +625,7 @@ LEVEL_RESULT play_game(game_display& disp, game_state& gamestate,
connect_engine(new mp::connect_engine(disp, gamestate,
params, !network_game, false));
- if (allow_new_game_flag || game_config::debug) {
+ if (allow_new_game_flag || (game_config::debug && network::nconnections() == 0)) {
// Opens mp::connect dialog to allow users to
// make an adjustments for scenario.
mp::ui::result connect_res = mp::goto_mp_connect(disp,

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cbeck88 commented on c1dcd46 Apr 24, 2014

Small clarifications:

  • This is about bug #21902
  • It only affects ** debug mode ** in networked mp, which in a local mp game will cause the mp connect window to be opened each time to reconfigure controllers.
  • MP::connect is the thing being disabled, not MP::configure.
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