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The basic modern website. No build process. Minimal config. Host on Netlify, GitHub Pages or (probably) any server
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Simple website

The basic modern website. No build process. Minimal config. Host on Netlify, GitHub Pages or (probably) any server.

Demo and examples


  • Static site with no dependencies or build process
  • Lightweight, fast, responsive
  • Apply any styles. Choices of typeface and colour go a long way to expressing a brand identity
  • Shallow learning curve
  • Widest possible options for hosting
  • Search and social optimisable
  • Custom 404 error page with meta-refresh to homepage after 3 seconds
  • All external links open in new tab / window (uses vanilla javascript)


  • Clone or download this repo
  • Open index.html in a browser


  • Visible page content: everything within .wrap div
    • You'll likely want to explain what you do, how you do it, and why you're the best at doing it. This might include links to lead visitors to more information.
    • A few social icons are ready to use (via Simple Icons)
    • For the sake of typography, you could add a   (none breaking space) in the final space (between two short words) in each paragrah. This is done to avoid widows
  • Styles: font-family, background-color, color, hyperlink styles
    • CSS is set as a <style> tag within index.html for simplicity. However, these could be moved to an external stylesheet if multiple pages are being created. A <link> tag is included but commented out.
    • Be sure to adjust styles in 404.html and within the each social icon file being used
  • Favicon / Icons: either supply one or use something like
  • Meta tags for search & social optimisation
    • A tool like can be useful
    • Create an image for social media rich cards (1280 × 640px is a good size)
  • Google Analytics: setup account and tracking code, insert into bottom of index.html
  • If you are including video embed, fitvidsjs will be very useful and will need to be installed

Deploy to Netlify

  • Start a account (free)
  • Create a new site by connecting to GitHub:
  • Configure the domain:
    • Set the subdomain to something suitable for the project
    • Configure your custom domain (help doc) NB. You may need to wait 5 minutes from setting the custom domain in Netlify until the SSL certificate is ready to be provisioned.
  • Robots: Netlify will rename live.robots.txt to robots.txt automatically with a build command in netlify.toml
  • Redirect: _redircts file allows for legacy or vanity URLs to be redirected appropriately

Deploy to GitHub Pages

Deploy on own server

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