Command line helper for Sinatra/Datamapper based apps.
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Centerstage is a commandline helper for creating Sinatra/Datamapper apps, including Rakefile and templates for creating routes and models.


To install, just run:

$ gem install centerstage


Once Centerstage is installed, you can get started using it by running:

$ centerstage setup

This will download the project template from the repo and install it to private directory (~/.center-stage). You can also, optionally, pass a fork url of your Centerstage project setup. When you pass your fork (fork of, Centerstage will attempt to download your fork and setup the project template for create. Example:

$ centerstage setup "<yourname>/center-stage"

Once setup, you create your new Centerstage project using:

$ centerstage create /path/to/project
$ cd /path/to/project
$ bundle install

This will create a folder and a stubbed out Sinatra/Datamapper project that includes a Rakefile with prewritten commands for generating routes and models. In the project's directory there is a .templates folder, this folder contains the templates used to generate routes (views) and models. You can change or update these as you see fit. When you use the generate command, Rake will look to the template when generating the file.

You can visit to see the project's setup. You can fork this repo and and make changes, and rerun centerstage setup "your-fork-url" to use your fork.


Pull requests are always welcome, either to the main center-stage project setup or to the centerstage gem.


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.