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[REVISION 20080701]
[FIXED] Looking up schema version fails on Rails 2.1.
[REVISION 20080318]
[FIXED] Case-insensitive text columns not recognised.
[REVISION 20080221]
[NEW] PostgreSQL view management via create_view and drop_view.
[REVISION 20080209]
[FIXED] PostgreSQL columns named the same as database keywords (eg. type, column, user, etc.) caused NoSuchMethod errors during model validation.
[REVISION 20080110]
[FIXED] Workaround for bug in MySQL that adversely affects INFORMATION schema performance take 3 (Michael Latta).
[REVISION 20080103]
[FIXED] Workaround for bug in MySQL that adversely affects INFORMATION schema performance take 2 (Michael Latta).
[REVISION 20080102]
[FIXED] Workaround for bug in MySQL that adversely affects INFORMATION schema performance (Michael Latta).
[REVISION 20071128]
[FIXED] Workaround to ensure plugin is only ever loaded once.
[REVISION 20071013]
[NEW] Rake task (db:comments) to show database table comments.
[REVISION 20071013]
[NEW] New migration script methods: set_table_comment and clear_table_comment. Implemented for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Currently not written to schema.rb.
[REVISION 20070905]
[NEW] Explicitly ignore add_foreign_key() and remove_foreign_key() when running under SQLite. This solves issues when migrating schema from other databases.
[REVISION 20070707]
[NEW] Make the table name in table definition accessible.
[REVISION 20070529]
[FIXED] Undefined constant errors when patching connection adapters. Rails now only loads the connection adapter for the specified database (it used to load them all).
[REVISION 20070503]
[NEW] Support for SQL92 [NOT] DEFERRABLE on foreign keys.
[CHANGED] Foreign key names are now assigned by the database unless an explicit name is given (using :name).
[REVISION 20070221]
[NEW] Where possible, determine if a column is case sensitive (or not) based on the presence of case-insensitive indexes.
[REVISION 20070220]
[CHANGED] :ignore_case => true option when creating indexes change to :case_sensitive => false in keeping with the new Rails 1.2 option of the same name on validates_uniqueness_of. You may need to re-create your schema.rb (by using rake db:schema:dump) to pickup the new syntax.
[FIXED] Multi-column, case-insensitive indexes only selecting one of the columns!
[REVISION 20070219]
[FIXED] Can't drop table referenced in a foreign-key. All reverse foreign keys are now dropped before dropping the table.
[CHANGED] Upgrade to Rails 1.2.2.
[REVISION 20070217]
[NEW] Support reverse_foreign_keys for MySQL using the (typically bastardised) MySQL flavour of information_schema.
[CHANGED] Merged ForiegnKey and ForeignKeyDefinition as they were practically the same.
[REVISION 20070214]
[NEW] :name option when creating foreign keys.
[FIXED] Foreign key names are preserved in schema dumps. This means they will be copied from one database to another rather than leaving it up to the target database to make one up.
[NEW] Foreign keys are automatically assigned a name (fkey_<tablename>_col1_and_col2_and_col3) if none is specified.
[REVISION 20061206]
[NEW] Added :ignore_case option to add_index in PostgreSQL to support case-insensitive indexes. The generated indexes are actually expression indexes of the form: lower(column_name).
[REVISION 20061206]
[NEW] reverse_foreign_keys methods.
[REVISION 20061202]
[CHANGED] Use Rails 1.2 alias_method_chain.
[CHANGED] Separate modules into individual files.
[REVISION 20061129]
[FIXED] Foreign-key ON DELETE and ON UPDATE flipped in schema dump.
[REVISION 20061121]
[FIXED] MySQL doesn't support SQL92 'DROP CONSTRAINT SYNTAX'; use 'DROP FOREIGN KEY' instead.
[REVISION 20061116]
[REVISION 20061114]
[CHANGED] Removed Column.required as it didn't handle updates correctly. Instead we now have Column.required_on which returns an appropriate event (nil, :save, :update).
[REVISION 20061110]
[FIXED] MySQL driver uses single AND double quotes around identifiers.
[REVISION 20061028]
[FIXED] Syntax error when generating schema under MySQL when a foreign key specifies both ON UPDATE and ON DELETE.
[REVISION 20061024]
[FIXED] Foreign key associations for key-word table-names are quoted in postgresql.
[REVISION 20061011]
[NEW] ActiveRecord::Base.base_class? returns true if the class is a base class; false otherwise.
[REVISION 20061009]
[NEW] ActiveRecord::Base.abstract_class? returns true if class name starts with 'Abstract'; false otherwise.
[REVISION 20061001]
[NEW] remove_foreign_key for completeness.
[FIXED] MySQL barfs when attempting to drop a column that participates in a foreign key constraint.
[REVISION 20060921]
[FIXED] add_foreign_key doesn't support on_delete or on_update--It doesn't do anything with the options hash.
[REVISION 20060919]
[CHANGED] Column.unique is now derived based on the presence of Column.unique_scope (which is an empty array for single column unique indexes).
[REVISION 20060915]
[NEW] Unique columns contain scoping meta-data for multi-column unique indexes. The column to be marked as unique is either the last column not ending in '_id' or simply the last column. This follows the typical composite unique index column ordering where the scoping is specified first but will attempt to find the last non-foreign-key column just-in-case. Eg, both add_index :states, [:country_id, :name] and add_index :states, [:name, :country_id] would result in the name column marked as unique with a scope of [:country_id].
[REVISION 20060913]
[NEW] Column.required: returns true if a column is marked as not allowing null and has no default.
[REVISION 20060911]
[NEW] Patch rails MysqlColumn so that empty string defaults are treated as nil when a column is marked as NOT NULL. This primarily affects schema dumps incorrectly assigning a default of 0 to numbers and '' to strings when none was originally specified.
[REVISION 20060909]
[CHANGED] Renamed from Foreign Key Support.
[NEW] ActiveRecord::Base.indexes.
[REVISION 20060906]
[FIXED] :on_update with :on_delete producing invalid SQL.
[REVISION 20060905]
[NEW] Schema dumper outputs foreign keys when available.
[NEW] Foreign-key meta-data for: PostgreSQL; and MySQL. (Still needs a bit of DRY-ing up but it works which is the first step.)
[REVISION 20060901]
[FIXED] Incorrect generation of ON UPDATE/ON DELETE clauses.
[NEW] Support :restrict in ON UPDATE/ON DELETE clauses.
[NEW] Preliminary support for querying foreign-keys in PostgreSQL.
[REVISION 20060831]
[NEW] Initial version.