Beginner demonstration of how to get started with Twitter and Twilio via Ruby
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A brief demonstration of how to use Twitter (and a little Twilio) via Ruby

Prepared by Scott Woods from West Arete, for the State College Ruby Group, Wed 12 Oct 2011.

This results in a super simple application that can search twitter for specific tweets, and then send text messages.


These commits are meant to be shown one at a time during the demo. Each commit is tagged in a sequence, so you can watch the progression of the program.


To post tweets and interact with twilio, you'll need developer accounts for both services. You'll need to get your API keys and paste them into the code (I took mine out to keep them private).


You can sign up for a developer twitter account here:

You'll need to create a new application (your app will be your ruby program) and then get your API and OAuth keys. I had to specify that my app had permission to read and write to twitter, and then regenerate the keys.


You can sign up for a free trial account at, and they provide excellent instructions on getting started. Your API keys will be at the bottom of your account page.