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Talismane Server

This provides a embedded Jetty running the RESTful services of the Talismane Stanbol NLP processing integration .

Building the Server

First you need to assembly the runable Jar

mvm clean install
mvn assembly:single

to build the jar with all the dependencies.

If the build succeeds go to the /target directory and copy the


to the directory you would like to run the server.

Running the Server

TODO: this is copied from the freeling-server. Needs to be rewritten for Talismane

The server supports the following command line parameters

  • -h --help : Prints an help screen similar to this documentation
  • -p --port {port}: the port (default 8080)
  • -s --shared {freeling-shared}: The Freeling shared folder. If the $FREELINGSHARE nor freeling.shared is present this parameter is required
  • -c --config {freeling-config}: The Freeling config folder (default: {freeling-shared}/config
  • -l --native-lib {freeling-native-lib} : The Freeling native library loaded to the JVM (default: ./lib/{lib-name} and {freeling-shared}/lib/{lib-name} as fallback, {lib-name} depends on the OS and is libfreeling_javaAPI.so on linux and libfreeling_javaAPI.jnilib on MAC
  • -w --max-wait-time {max-wait-time}: The maximum time in ms to wait for a Freeling Resource to become available (default 30*1000ms)
  • -m --max-pool-size {max-pool-size} : The maximum number of Analyzers created for a supported language. This defines how manny texts of a single language can be processed concurrently (default: 10).
  • -q --min-queue-size {min-queue-size}: If the pool of available Analyzers for a language becomes less that the configured value a new Analyzer is created. The initial size of the Analyzers pools is {min-queue-size}+1 (default : 1)
  • -i --init-threads {init-threads}: The size of the thread-pool used to initialize Freeling Analyzers. Increasing this number allows to faster create additional Analyzers. Note that concurrent creating of Analyzers may cause JVM crashes on some systems (default : 1)