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What Is The Point Of ... Microsoft ?

The demise of Microsoft has been predicted by many; Microsoft as a platform for software and specifically their development tools and ecosystem.

So what is their relevance for developers over the next three years? Can’t we just write stuff in Ruby and Node with web clients in JavaScript, and mobile clients in Objective-C, Swift and Java?

The reboot of Microsoft has been dramatic over the past few years, embracing OSS, ASP.NET vNext rewriting the core of what .NET represents, and the final promise of deployment to any platform with .NET core. Their purchase of Xamarin provides a cross platform mobile solution, and Azure is thriving even when there is no Windows Server in sight.

Liam will take a subjective stroll through where Microsoft is heading, and what the changes might mean for existing Microsoft developers.

Given at Get.NET in Łódź, Poland on 22nd April 2107.


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