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µC/OS is a full-featured embedded operating system originally developed by Micriµm™. In addition to the two highly popular kernels, µC/OS features support for TCP/IP, USB-Device, USB-Host, and Modbus, as well as a robust File System.

Since its founding in 1999 as a private company, Micriµm and its team of engineers have offered world-class embedded software components for the most critical and demanding real-time applications. Recognized as having some of the cleanest code in the industry, with easy-to-understand documentation, the Micrium real-time kernels, and software components have successfully been deployed in thousands of products worldwide across a broad range of industries. Micrium’s µC/OS-II™ kernel has been certified for use in safety-critical applications and remains a respected favorite in the medical, aerospace, and industrial markets. µC/OS continues to be the RTOS of choice for engineers requiring the most reliable and trusted solution for their mission-critical applications.

Founded by a team of former Micrium employees, Weston Embedded Solutions is the official custodian for the µC/OS RTOS and Stacks software repository to ensure it remains the trusted choice for embedded engineers around the world.

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