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Weston Ganger

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Full-Stack Software Developer. Owner and Developer of Solid Foundation Web Development

I am an expert in Ruby-on-Rails, Javascript, and Linux through extensive usage across many projects.

For more detailed information about me please visit my website at

My Open Source Software Libraries

Here is a list of open source coding libraries that I have created and maintain. They aid in some part of the software development process. These libraries are publicly available for use within any software development project.


form_builder.crCreator & MaintainerGitHub Stars


active_snapshotCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
axlsx_stylerProject Maintainer since 2018RubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
capistrano-precompile-chooserCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
minitest_change_assertionsCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
paper_trail-association_trackingProject Maintainer since 2018RubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
paperclip_utilsCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
prawn-railsProject Maintainer since January 2017RubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
protected_attributes_continuedCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
rails_nested_layoutsCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
rearmed-rbCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
rearmed_railsCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
RODFProject Maintainer since July 2016RubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
sexy_form.rbCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars
spreadsheet_architectCreator & MaintainerRubyGems DownloadsGitHub Stars


chosen-readonlyCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
cordova-plugin-apprateProject Maintainer since March 2016NPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
cordova-plugin-camera-previewProject Maintainer since April 2016NPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
input-autogrowCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
input-case-enforcerCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
js-tryCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
rearmed-jsCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
select-syncCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars


bootstrap-directional-buttonsCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
chosen-bootstrap-themeCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
chosen-material-themeCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars
rearmed-cssCreator & MaintainerNPM DownoadsGitHub Stars


  1. Spreadsheet Architect is a library that allows you to create XLSX, ODS, or CSV spreadsheets super easily from ActiveRecord relations, plain Ruby objects, or tabular data.

    Ruby 1.1k 39

  2. Plugin for the PaperTrail gem to track and reify associations

    Ruby 71 14

  3. Community continued version of protected_attributes, now with Rails 5 support!

    Ruby 35 29

  4. Simplified snapshots and restoration for ActiveRecord models and associations with a transparent white-box implementation

    Ruby 13

  5. Dead simple HTML form builder for Crystal with built-in support for many popular UI libraries such as Bootstrap

    Crystal 22 1

  6. Cordova plugin that allows camera interaction from HTML code

    Java 519 491

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