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import configparser
import json
from fast_arrow import Client
from fast_arrow.resources.user import User
print("----- running {}".format(__file__))
# get auth_data (see
with open("fast_arrow_auth.json") as f:
auth_data = json.loads(
# initialize client with auth_data
client = Client(auth_data)
print("Account Id = {}".format(client.account_id))
user = User.fetch(client)
print("Username = {}".format(user["username"]))
result = client.relogin_oauth2()
print("Re-Authenticated with refresh_token successfully = {}".format(result))
refreshed_auth_data = client.current_auth_data()
filename = "fast_arrow_auth.json"
with open(filename, "w") as f:
f.write(json.dumps(refreshed_auth_data, indent=4))