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Project is under active development - code and comments may not be 100% complete.



  • Eclipse
  • Eclipse plugin, ADT
  • Google API Android OS 2.3.3 (API 10).
  • Other Jar dependences are included in the Google defined default directory,

Test Environment

More to come later.

Building Application

  • Mapper uses the Eclipse to build the project. It's as simple as that.

Installing Application on Emulator

  • Mapper can be launched on the Android SDK Emulator following these steps,
  1. Install the Eclipse ADT plugin.
  2. 	<li>Open the 'Android Virtual Device Manager'.</li>  
    	<li>Create an Android Virtual Device with the Google APIs v.10 OS if none is pressent.</li>  
    	<li>Start the Google API v.10 device to make sure the Android instance works</li>  
    	<li>Back in Eclipse, select the Mapper project folder and click the 'Run' icon. This will install and start the Mapper application within the Emulator</li>
    	<li>If the Android VM does not automatically open the Mapper application, find Mapper in the list of applications and click on it from there.</li>