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<meta charset="utf8">
<title>Syntax Tree Diagrammer with SVG Tree Drawer</title>
<script src="../svg-tree-drawer.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" type="text/css" />
<h2><a href="">SVG Tree Drawer</a>:</h2>
<h1>Syntax Tree Diagrammer</h1>
<p>With support for <abbr title="Head-driven phrase structure grammar">HPSG</abbr></p>
<!--<p>Explanation: The tree below is constructed via the </p>-->
<div id="treeContainer">
<p id="treePlaceholder"><em>Loading tree…</em></p>
<p>You may modify the tree above by editing the following hierarchical list:</p>
@todo: Upon clicking a node, set the background color of the corresponding node in the tree above.
Upon editing a node, translate it into HPSG XML, and then run the XSLT transformation on it
@todo: We need to be able to add new nodes!
<ul id="ui">
<!--<li><textarea>S[phrase HEAD=@1 VAL=[COMPS=&lt;&gt; SPR=&lt;&gt;]]</textarea>-->
<!-- <ul>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>@2N[word HEAD=[noun AGR=@3] VAL=[ COMPS=&lt;&gt; SPR=&lt;&gt; ] ]</textarea><ul>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>They</textarea></li>-->
<!-- </ul></li>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>VP[phrase HEAD=@1[verb AGR=@3 VAL=@4[ COMPS=&lt;&gt; SPR=&lt;@2&gt; ]]]</textarea>-->
<!-- <ul>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>V[word HEAD=@1[verb AGR=[plural NUM=pl PER=3rd] ] VAL=@4[ COMPS=&lt;@5&gt; SPR=&lt;@2&gt; ] ]</textarea><ul>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>seemed</textarea></li>-->
<!-- </ul></li>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>@5A[word HEAD=@7[adj] VAL=@4[ COMPS=&lt;&gt; SPR=&lt;&gt; ]]</textarea>-->
<!-- <ul>-->
<!-- <li><textarea>close</textarea></li>-->
<!-- </ul>-->
<!-- </li>-->
<!-- </ul>-->
<!-- </li>-->
<!-- </ul>-->
<button type="reset">Start Over</button>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="helpers.js"></script>
<script src="main.js"></script>
<address><a href="" rel="author">Weston Ruter</a></address>
<time pubdate>2009-11-12</time>
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