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  1. wet-boew wet-boew Public

    Web Experience Toolkit (WET): Open source code library for building innovative websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile-friendly and multilingual. This collaborative open source …

    Handlebars 1.6k 662

  2. GCWeb GCWeb Public theme - A reference implementation of the Content and Information Architecture Specification, the Content Style Guide and the Design System

    HTML 89 127

  3. wet-boew-styleguide wet-boew-styleguide Public

    A style guide for the Web Experience Toolkit.

    HTML 35 32

  4. wet-boew-experimental wet-boew-experimental Public

    Experimental WET 5 playground

    JavaScript 5 12

  5. gcweb-experimental gcweb-experimental Public

    Repo to experiment how TBS-DTO design system can integrates with WET 5 experimental

    CSS 1 4

  6. gcweb-jekyll gcweb-jekyll Public

    This repo is intended to be used as a GitHub template. Its documentation is coming soon.

    HTML 8 21


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