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The Wxt Drupal project is looking for people that want to be part of our working group meetings. These people will be involved in the decision making, direction and vision of the project. We are going to try to meet once a month starting in September 2012 in Ottawa, Ontario. If you are interested in participating please let us know who you are by registering your name, GitHub and Twitter handles as well as your department/company and location below.

Table of Contents

Terms of Reference

Wxt Drupal working group terms of reference

Recommended Format

Name (GitHub: GitHub handle, Twitter: Twitter handle, Drupal: Drupal handle) - Department/Company (Location)

Currently Signed Up

Please monitor: Updates and upcoming working group meetings will be posted on issue #176

  1. Andrew Sinkinson (GitHub: @sinkinsona, Twitter: @sinkinsona) - Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  2. Stephen Russett (GitHub: @StephenOTT, Twitter: @stephenrussett) - City of Ottawa - Service Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)
  3. Chris Smith (GitHub: @csedev, Twitter: @csedev) - OPIN Software Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario)
  4. Robin Galipeau (GitHub: @openplus, Twitter: @openplussoft) Cdn OpenSource Ctr of Excellence (Ottawa)
  5. Ross Thompson (GitHub: @thriuin, Twitter: @rossthompson07) - Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  6. William Hearn (GitHub: @sylus, Twitter: @william_hearn) - Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  7. Jeff Gordon (GitHub: @jeffdavidgordon, Twitter: @jeffdavidgordon) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Ottawa, Ontario)
  8. Lee Hunter (GitHub: @leehunter, Twitter: @LeeHunter) - EA3C Consulting (Ottawa, Ontario)
  9. Dave Samojlenko (GitHub: @dsamojlenko, Twitter: [@dsamojlenko] ( - Shared Services Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  10. Kavinay Kishor (GitHub: @kavinay, Twitter: @kavinay) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  11. Sean Boots (GitHub: sboots, Twitter: sboots2) - Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Ottawa, Ontario)
  12. Eric Leclerc (GitHub: eleclerc, Twitter: danceric) - Canadian Transportation Agency (Gatineau, Quebec)
  13. Joseph Olstad (GitHub: joejoseph00 - Canadian Transportation Agency (Gatineau, Quebec)
  14. Quoc Dat Nong (GitHub: finweb - FINTRAC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  15. Peter Lindstrom (GitHub: @liquidcms, Twitter: @liquidcms) LiquidCMS - Drupal Solutions Experts (Ottawa)
  16. William Roboly (GitHub: @wilroboly, wilco, Twitter: @dubphonics) - @ PWGSC (Orangeville)
  17. Colan Schwartz (GitHub: colans, colan) - (Toronto)
  18. Mike Gifford (GitHub: mgifford, Twitter: @mgifford, mgifford) - OpenConcept (Ottawa)
  19. Louis Michaud(GitHub: lmichaud) - Health Canada/PHAC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  20. Pat Gilbert (GitHub: PatGilbert, Twitter: @PatGilbert89) - OPIN Software Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario)
  21. Patrick Connolly (GitHub: patcon, Twitter: @patconnolly, patcon) - Myplanet Digital (Toronto, Ontario)
  22. Michel Gendron (GitHub: Michel-Gendron, Twitter: @MichelGendron5) - Statistics Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  23. Yan Desjardins (GitHub: @wolkyd, Twitter: @wolkyd) - Wolkyd Web Solutions Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario)
  24. Alex Dergachev (GitHub: @dergachev, Twitter: @dergachev) - Evolving Web (Montreal, Quebec)
  25. Marc Lavictoire (GitHub: @mxlav, Twitter: @marclavictoire) - Canada Border Service Agency (Ottawa, Ontario)
  26. Eric von Graevenitz (GitHub: @ericvong, Twitter: @1evg) - Environment Canada (Ottawa, ON/Gatineau, QC)
  27. Jim Oliveira (GitHub: jamesson) - CRA (Ottawa, Ontario)
  28. Sang Trinh (GitHub: @strinh, Twitter: @sangtrinh) - University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)
  29. Bryan Miller (GitHub: bmiller72ca) - University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)
  30. Adam Hill (GitHub: theadbo, Adbo, Twitter: @adbo) - @ PWGSC (Ottawa)
  31. Etienne Levesque-Guitard (GitHub: @Pacoup, Twitter: @Pacoup) - Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Ottawa, Ontario)
  32. James Sauvé (GitHub: @jamessauve) - Privy Council Office (Ottawa, Ontario)
  33. Eric Archambault (GitHub: @erarcham) - Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  34. Solange Sari (GitHub: @ssari) - Policy Horizons Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  35. Marc McDougall (GitHub: marcmcd, mmcdougall) - Consultant (Ottawa, Ontario)
  36. Eimhin Rooney (GitHub: @eimhin) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Ottawa, Ontario)
  37. Maddy Daigle (GitHub: @MaddyDaigle) - Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Ottawa, Ontario)
  38. Guylaine Léger (GitHub: @gleger) - Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  39. Nadine Czapalay (GitHub: @nadinecz) - Canada Border Service Agency (Ottawa, Ontario)
  40. Mathew Winstone (Github: @minorOffense) - Coldfront Labs Inc. (Ottawa, Ontario)
  41. Devin Crawley (Github: @crawleyde) - Ottawa Public Library (Ottawa, Ontario)
  42. Jacques R. Blier (Github: @xmacinfo) - xMac info (Montréal, Québec)
  43. Matt Tongue (Github: @nrc-cnrc-web) - NRC-CNRC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  44. Kristof Van Tomme (Github: @kvantomme) - Pronovix (Belgium & Hungary)
  45. Maryana Slobodyanyuk (Github: @maryana-sl) - Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Ottawa, Ontario)
  46. Michael Ducharme (Github: @mikeducharme) - Openconcept (Ottawa, Ontario)
  47. John Downing (Github: @trainingcity, Twitter: @TrainingCity) - TrainingCity (Ottawa, Ontario)
  48. Joanne Galloway (GitHub: @jgallowa) - Natural Resources Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  49. Rony Aoun (Github: @ronyaoun, Twitter: @i8tweetybird) - Industry Canada (Ottawa, Ontario)
  50. Christopher Cook (Github: @christophercook, tangent) - National Capital Commission (Ottawa, Ontario)
  51. 'Devin Crawley (Github: @crawleyde) - Bibliothèque publique d'Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario)
  52. 'Jacques R. Blier (Github: @xmacinfo) - XMAC info (Montréal, Québec)
  53. 'Tongue Matt (Github: @nrc-cnrc-web) - CNRC-NRC (Ottawa, Ontario)
  54. Jaël Potvin(GitHub: jaelp) - Health Canada/PHAC (Ottawa, Ontario)

Meeting Times and Location

Meeting Location Date Minutes
September The City of Ottawa boardroom (Colonel By 2nd Floor) September 25th, 2012 1:00 - 3:00pm Minutes
October Pushed to November
November Ottawa City Hall - Colonel By Room - 2nd Floor South end of building November 16, 2012, 1:00pm to 3:00pm
January Ottawa City Hall - Colonel By Room - 2nd Floor South end of building January 25, 2013, 1:00pm to 3:30pm Minutes
March Ottawa City Hall - Colonel By Room - 2nd Floor South end of building March 22, 2013, 1:00pm to 4:00pm
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