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Core: Ensure getUrlParts() always returns slash-prefixed pathnames.

According to the W3C's HTML specification (, the pathname attribute must always start with a forward slash character. Virtually every browser does this. But due to a browser bug (, all versions of Internet Explorer and early versions of Edge omit the forward slash from pathnames retrieved from generated a elements that weren't added to the body.

Since getUrlParts() works by generating an a element that never gets added to the body, any pathname attributes returned by it are affected.

This commit fixes it by inserting a forward slash at the beginning of any pathnames that lack one. It borrows a regex from the NavCurrent plugin that's already in use for the same purpose.

Fixes #8109 and doesn't interfere with the tabbed interface plugin (i.e. the only other WET/GCWeb plugin that uses pathnames extracted from getUrlParts()).
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EricDunsworth committed Aug 7, 2017
1 parent 4c73497 commit 18577517fb84583403265df2e510ac059cebc8b5
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ var getUrlParts = function( url ) {
hostname: a.hostname,
port: a.port,
pathname: a.pathname,
pathname: a.pathname.replace( /^([^\/])/, "/$1" ), // Prefix pathname with a slash in browsers that don't natively do it (i.e. all versions of IE and possibly early versions of Edge). See pull request #8110.
protocol: a.protocol,
hash: a.hash,

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