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What startups use to get stuff done.

Pull request guidelines:

Create a new post in the _posts folder.

It should answer the four questions:

  • Who are you, and what do you do? [One sentence on you the person, a few on the company and how awesomely you're doing and a last sentence if you're hiring]
  • What is your technology stack? [Hardware if you use it, OS/VM, databases, server, vcs, language, framework, front end etc]
  • What software do you use to run your business better? [Domain regstrar, hosting provider, DNS service, CDN, email, docs, chat, github, olark, billing, HR, finances, every piece of business software you use! Feel free to add commentary and focus on the ones you like]
  • What business software do you most wish existed?

Take a look at the other posts for guidance on length etc.

The file name format is YYYY-MM-DD-name, where name is replaced with the startup's name, all lowercase. Spaces etc. should be replaced with dashes.

Add an image.

Images should be 420x315px, .png format, and go in /images/featured with the same name as above.


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