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Powershell Keepass 2.34 Brute Force Tool - crack-keepassfile


This script provides a simple dictionary based brute force function called crack-keepassfile that allows you to run a dictionary file against a KeePass 2.34 .kdbx file.
If it finds the key, it will dump all passwords as output as well as inform you of the master password.


The script performs a dictionary attack against keepass .kdbx files

.PARAMETER binpath

This is the path for the KeePass 2.34 files - Typically on a default install will be "c:\program files (x86)\KeePass2x\"

.PARAMETER pwdpath

This is the path for the password file to use in the brute force attempt

.PARAMETER targetfile

This is the path for the target kdbx file

.NOTES Version: 0.1 Author: Wayne Evans Creation Date: 20/12/2016 Purpose/Change: Initial script development

This script is quite slow, but will get the job done - It works at about 500 keys per second currently.


crack-keepassfile -binpath "C:\program files (x86)\KeePass2x" -pwdfile "c:\software\pwdlist.txt" -targetfile "c:\software\posh.kdbx"


1)allow generated patterns to be used to brute force rather than a dictionary file