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We visualise data for democracy

WeVis: We visualize data for democracy

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Getting Started

A guide for getting started with WeVis project

1. Set up the repository on WeVis GitHub

  • If you don't have a permission on WeVis Github Org, asked the maintainer to create a repo for you.
  • WeVis project is opensource (public) by default, but please confirm with the project manager.

2. Add the design system

  • WeVis provide design system and components library for React, Svelte and Vue. After setting up tools/framework for the project, please follow the official guide.
  • WeVis don't force the tools or framework. Feel free to choose the one that is suitable for each project.

3. Setup staging environment

  • Staging environment is a non-production deployment allowing team members to see the process while underdevelopment.
  • On opensource project, we recommend to use Github Action with Github Page
    • GitHub Pages action can be used in Github Action's workflow file to deploy code to Github Page
    • Staging is updated (workflow is triggerd) when code is pushed to main branch by default. (example workflow file)
    • Some project that require manual update from PM can use manual trigger. (example workflow file)
      • Only people with at least write permission in the repository can trigger workflow.

4. Production deployment

  • Please contact the maintainer for production deployment.


  1. thailand-election-2023 thailand-election-2023 Public

    Monorepo for Thailand Election 2023 projects

    TypeScript 24 5

  2. bkk-election-2022 bkk-election-2022 Public

    Monorepo for Bangkok Election 2022 projects

    TypeScript 80 11

  3. design-systems design-systems Public

    WeVis monorepo for design system documentation and cross-framework UI components

    TypeScript 15 2

  4. parliament-watch parliament-watch Public

    Citizens are watching 👀

    Svelte 39 25


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