DNN Dev Tools - The Swiss army knife for DNN developers and host admins
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DNN Dev Tools - The Swiss army knife for DNN developers and host admins

DNN Dev Tools is developed by weweave (https://weweave.net/) and licensed under the The MIT License (MIT).

DNN Dev Tools includes the following features

Check out our our wiki for more information or watch this video on YouTube.

Installation / Setup

Please note: Whenever possible use DNN Dev Tools only in development, staging or QA-environments but not on production website. Even though DNN Dev Tools only adds a minimal performance overhead, the purpose of the module is to help developers (and host admins) to analyze DNN environments and that should not be done in production environment.

DNN Dev Tools is installed just as any other DNN module:

  1. Download the most recent release from here https://github.com/weweave/DnnDevTools/releases
  2. Log in as host admin and install the module on the page System > Extensions

Please note: After installing DNN Dev Tools, the module is (automatically) enabled and the DNN Dev Tools icon should be visible in the bottom right corner of every page. For security reasons DNN Dev Tools is only enabled for host admin users. To configure DNN Dev Tools settings, log in as host admin and browse to the page "System > DNN Dev Tools".


  • DNN 08.00.00 RC (not compatible to DNN 08.00.00 beta or any DNN 08.00.00 CTP version)
  • A-Grade browser (Firefox, Chrome, IE 11, Edge)

Need help? Found a bug? Miss a feature?

If you need help, please take a look at our wiki and the open issue list and do not hesitate to create a new issue to request a new feature or report a bug.