Node.js (NPM) License Key Encoder and Validator for the weweave Commerce platform
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weweave Commerce License Key Encoder and Validator for Node.js

This Node.js library allows for encoding and validating license keys and building domain lists for the weweave Commerce platform.

Install with:

npm install --save commerce-key

Checking a license key

To check the validity of a provided license key, use a code block like this:

let publicKey: string = fs.readFileSync("./rsa-public-key.pem", "utf8").toString();
let s = "<License Key goes here>";
let key: LicenseKeyEncoder = LicenseKeyEncoder.factory(s, publicKey);
console.log("Product: %s", key.product);
console.log("Subject (i.e. Domain Regex): %s", key.subject);
console.log("Licensee: %s", key.owner);
console.log("License Type: %s", key.type);
console.log("Issue Date: %s", key.issueDate);
console.log("Expiry Date: %s", key.expiryDate);

Encoding a license key

let dl: DomainList = new DomainList();
dl.addDomain("localhost", false, false);
dl.addDomain("local", false, false);
let regex: RegExp = dl.getRegex();
let key: LicenseKeyEncoder = new LicenseKeyEncoder();
key.product = "ProductIdentifier";
key.description = "Some readable text";
key.owner = "Name of licensee";
key.subject = regex.source;
key.issueDate = moment().toDate();
key.expiryDate = moment().add(1, 'months').toDate();
key.type = LicenseKeyEncoder.TYPE_TRIAL;
key.uuid = uuid();
key.onlineVerification = false;
let privateKey: string = fs.readFileSync("./rsa-private-key.pem", "utf8").toString();
let keyString: string = key.toString(privateKey);

License types

weweave Commerce supports three types of license keys:

  • trial: A trial/evaluation license with limited functionality.
  • limited: A full-features license which is limited in time.
  • lifetime: A lifetime license which will never expire.

Advanced features

You can use the online verification feature to perform a live-validation of a license key via your servers using the UUID which can be included in the license keys optionally:

console.log("Online verification: %s", key.onlineVerification);
console.log("UUID: %s", key.uuid);


Please read the documentation and the JavaDoc for more information.