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PHP CSS JavaScript Hack
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  • Clone or unzip the script content into your root site folder
  • Go to the /admin page
  • Click on the Preview tab to see your site
  • You can start editing your section into the site/default folder, or create a new site in the site folder
  • Take a look to the site/default/config.php file for site configuration

Areas for improvement


  • Administration protection
  • More statistics : mobile / desktop and counrties
  • Installation and core configuration wizard
  • Improved modular development API
  • Public Respometer service
  • Saas site creation service
  • PHP code optimization in site building
  • Multilang support


  • Macros in templates
  • Per class CSS compilation : using a css() method.
  • Advanced full ajax loading for hidden contents
  • Per languages quality reports
  • Assets minification

Respometer refinement

  • Per extra links notation grid
  • Assets testing tools (images quality, fonts, etc.)
  • Javascript code testing
  • Frameworks evaluation library

Releases deployments

  • API Documentation
  • Automated testing
  • Tests for site first installation
  • Code automated linting

Shorten names

  • application : app
  • attribute : attr
  • background : bg
  • button : btn
  • description : desc
  • image : img
  • performance : perf
  • source : src

JS Inclusion

Including global JS file

Global script.js file is included into the head tag to start request as soon as possible. We also use the defer tag to allow async loading and do not block the loading of remaining html page content.

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