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This is a project template which enables you to get Symfony2 projects up and running on a Vagrant VM really quickly.
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Symfony2 Vagrant Template

This project provides a very slim Symfony2 edition with a vagrant/puppet support. It can be used as template for new projects.


  • Install vagrant on your system

  • Get a base box with puppet support
    see docs

  • Install composer on your system

  • Create a new project from this template:

        composer create-project seiffert/symfony-vagrant <project-path> --stability="beta"
  • In your project directory:

    • Copy vagrant/Personalization.dist to vagrant/Personalization and modify vagrant/Personalization according to your needs.


          $vhost = "test"
          $ip = ""
          $use_nfs = true
          $base_box = "ubuntu-server-i386"
    • Execute "vagrant up" in the directory vagrant.
  • Add an entry to your /etc/hosts file for the selected IP If you configured $vhost = "test" in the personalization file, the virtual host will be available at



After performing the steps listed above, you will have the following environment set up:

  • A running virtual machine with your project on it
  • Your project directory will be mounted as a shared folder in this virtual machine
  • Your project will be accessible via a browser (go to http://{$vhost}.dev/[app_dev.php])
  • You can now start customizing the new virtual machine. In most cases, the machine should correspond to the infrastructure your production server(s) provide.

Installed Bundles

This repository is very similar to the Symfony2 Standard Edition. Besides the addition of vagrant and puppet configuration files, there is another difference worth mentioning: I removed a couple of bundles which are often a great help but not the very basic feature set users require for setting up a new project.

Setting up this Edition of Symfony2 will install the following packages:

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