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TeamSheet, timesheet tracker

I made a timesheet tracker to track the time spent on the project and work category. The use case for this timesheet tracker is for Marketing Agency or Law Firm:

  1. External Use: to produce detailed billing hours to the client

  2. Internal Use: to understand how the time is spent (what kind of work category) in finishing the project.

Example Report generated:

  1. In a given project, who wasted resources within the specified time period

employee_report_by_project 2. In a given project, what kind of activities are using our resources within the specified time period


For the detailed use case, check this out.

Check out the demo as well!

App Design

Everyday, each employee has to log the work done, segregated by the project (Project A, Project B, Project C) and work category (for example: brain storming, drafting, handling phone call from client, calling supplier).

There are 2 roles: admin and data entry. Data entry can only log in to the app, enter the work log, and view his performance report. For admin, he can create new user, create new project, create new customer, and create the work categories. Furthermore, admin has the capability to see the detailed time-spent breakdown: by employee, by project, or by work category.

Technology Used

  1. Web Framework : Ruby on Rails 4

  2. Authentication : Devise

  3. Authorization : The role

  4. Deployed@Heroku

Deployment @Heroku:

  1. clone the TeamSheet code git clone

  2. install the gem bundle install

  3. Create heroku app $ heroku create --stack cedar

  4. Enable asset compilation @ heroku heroku labs:enable user-env-compile

  5. Push the code to heroku git push heroku master

  6. Setup the database heroku run rake db:migrate

  7. Add sendgrid to send out emails heroku addons:add sendgrid:starter

  8. Setup the seed data: will create example projects, work log, user ( and ( Password for both of them: willy1234 . heroku run rake db:seed