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Marine Hydrodynamics
Jupyter Notebook Python
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Marine Hydrodynamics with Jupyter Notebooks

These IPython notebooks contain content for the Marine Hydrodynamics course at The University of Southampton, taught by Gabriel Weymouth. The course covers analytical potential flow, boundary layer theory, and numerical methods. The notebooks are used primarily for the numerical portion of the course.

Teaching numerical hydrodynamics with Jupyter notebooks was inspired by AeroPython developed by Lorena Barba. The materials are distributed publicly and openly under a Creative Commons Attribution license, CC-BY 4.0

Getting the interactive notebooks:

  • Click this badge to run the notebooks on the cloud: Binder

  • Or read the instructions to run the notebooks on your PC: Personal computer

Static notebook list:


Numerical methods

  1. Vortex panel solution method
  2. Lifting bodies and linear panels
  3. Boundary layers and separation prediction
  4. Pressure Drag


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