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Commits on Aug 1, 2012
  1. @stbrody
  2. @stbrody
  3. @stbrody
  4. @matulef
  5. @kchodorow
  6. multiVersion add static node options to ReplSetTest

    Greg Studer authored
  7. better error message for split error

    Greg Studer authored
  8. @renctan
  9. @erh
  10. @erh
  11. @erh
  12. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-6603 remove remapLock and hook functions (Windows)

    tadmarshall authored
    Remove the code that tried to lock out allocation of virtual memory
    while the Windows version of remapPrivateView was remapping a memory-
    mapped file.  It didn't solve the problem but did affect performance.
  13. SERVER-6667 add traceExceptions to command line

    Greg Studer authored
  14. multiversion count off by one

    Greg Studer authored
  15. @erh

    SERVER-6582 - find_and_modify - set lastErrorObject fields in some ca…

    erh authored
    …ses like older versions
  16. @erh

    SERVER-6659 - fix find_and_modify when upserting a new doc and origin…

    erh authored
    …al query won't work anymore
  17. @erh
  18. @astaple
  19. @astaple
  20. @astaple

    $ifNull functional tests.

    astaple authored
  21. @astaple

    $cond functional tests.

    astaple authored
  22. @astaple

    Extend $week functional tests.

    astaple authored
  23. @astaple

    Add $match functional tests.

    astaple authored
  24. @astaple
  25. @astaple
  26. @astaple
  27. @astaple

    SERVER-6556 Enable test.

    astaple authored
  28. @astaple
Commits on Jul 31, 2012
  1. @kchodorow

    Read-only auth tests

    kchodorow authored
  2. @renctan
  3. @kchodorow

    Merge pull request #274 from samantharitter/SERVER-6380

    kchodorow authored
    SERVER-6380 add fclose() to prevent resource leak
  4. @samantharitter
  5. @tadmarshall

    SERVER-6554 Windows unhandled exception filter print stack trace

    tadmarshall authored
    Modify the Windows stack trace printing code to accept a "context",
    and use the context record passed to the unhandled exception filter
    to start the stack trace at the faulting instruction.  Collect the
    context used for "normal" stack traces from inside printStackTrace.
  6. @dwight
  7. @dwight

    Add assertion

    dwight authored
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