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= Welcome to the Roadsend PHP Compiler Community Site =

This is the community developer site for [wiki:RoadsendCompiler Roadsend PHP]. Roadsend PHP is an open source implementation of the PHP language. It compiles PHP source code to stand alone, native binaries which do not require an interpreter. Roadsend Compiler can build online web applications with Fast/CGI, offline web applications with an embedded web server (!MicroServer), desktop GUI applications with PHP-GTK, and console applications. It is known to build on Linux, Windows (using mingw), Mac OSX, and FreeBSD.

Roadsend Compiler also contains facilities for interpreting, profiling and step debugging PHP code.

Roadsend PHP is a completely independent implementation of the PHP language and runtime environment, and is not based on the original implementation (using the Zend engine) which is separately and freely available at Zend PHP is not required, and is not used in any way, by Roadsend PHP.

The Roadsend PHP compiler is available under the terms of the [ GNU General Public License]. The Roadsend PHP runtime environment and extension libraries are available under the terms of the [ GNU Lesser General Public License].

= Announcement: Roadsend PHP Rewrite =

We'd like to announce our new project Roadsend PHP: [ raven (rphp)]. It is a complete rewrite of the Roadsend PHP implementation, written in C++ and using [ LLVM] for code generation. Please see the new [ development site]. Please note we will continue some maintenance on the scheme code base, however our effort will be focused on the new project. We welcome contributions to both projects!

= Latest News 11/09/09 =

= Older News =

  • Roadsend PHP 2.9.8 is available. It now works with Bigloo 3.0c, 3.1b and 3.2a
  • Binary RPM Packages are available at the [ Atomic yum archive]:
  • A Windows port of the latest version is proceeding

= How You Can Help =

  • We're looking for volunteers:
    1. Help with binary packages on various platforms and distros.
    2. Testing and development on Windows. We need developers who can setup the MinGW development environment to help us develop and test changes
    3. Development. We could use help from Scheme, C/C++, and PHP programmers
    4. Feedback. If you try Roadsend PHP:
      1. Post to the [ Forums] to let us know how it worked
      2. Open a new [ ticket] if you found a problem or want to request a feature
      3. Swing by the #roadsend IRC channel on [ FreeNode] to let us know what you think

= Where to Start =

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