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A port of the FatFreeCRM to radiant.

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This is a port of the FatFreeCRM to Radiant. This extension assumes you are using vhost_extension. If you are using Vhost then crm will automatically scope for each site on your system.

If you are just hosting a single site using Radiant then you will need to fork this extension and remove all the multi site support code. There's not that much.

I'll be happy to work on this extension some more and make it support both multi_site, vhost, and single sites if I can get enough donations. I'm already too busy so I'll need some proper funding.

This extension was designed to be used with vhost_extension. If your using vhost extension then you can import leads from your web forms directly into the CRM using the LeadsController.


The following need to be available in order for this extension to work properly:

  • simple_column_search Rubygem

  • acts_as_paranoid plugin (Using a later version of this may require that you change all “acts_as_paranoid” refs. to “include ActiveRecord::Paranoia”. Also, the line “require 'active_record/dynamic_scope'” may need to be added to plugins/acts_as_paranoid/init.rb).

  • acts_as_commentable plugin

  • Prototype Javascript library (must be placed before facebox JS in CRM layout)

  • Effects Javascript library (must be placed before facebox JS in CRM layout)

  • settings.yml needs to be present in your RAILS_ROOT/config or RADIANT_ROOT/config directory

(Note: The DB migrations for the extension handle the required columns for acts_as_paranoid and the required “comments” table for acts_as_commentable.)


git clone git:// vendor/extensions/crm
rake radiant:extensions:crm:update
rake radiant:extensions:crm:migrate
rake crm:settings:load
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