This extension allows pages to be moved or copied to any arbitrary (valid) place in the document tree structure by dragging the page to its new position and dropping it there.
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= DragOrder for Radiant 0.9.0+

Created by Bright 4, February 2009. Inspired by and based on Sean Cribbs' Reorder extension.

== Notes

Only designers and admins have the ability to re-order pages

== Installation

    git clone git:// vendor/extensions/drag_order
    rake radiant:extensions:drag_order:migrate
    rake radiant:extensions:drag_order:update

== Version History

# v0.3.5 - 2010-07-09
- renamed back to DragOrder
- SQL Injection fixes
- code cleanup

# v0.3.4 - 29-03-2010
- Moved assets to extension/drag directory
- Updated instructions

# v0.3.3 - 09-02-2010
- Made compatible with Radiant 0.9.0

# v0.3.2 - 18-11-2009
- Made compatible with Radiant 0.8.1. This extension should now be compatible with at least version >= 0.6.9

# v0.3.1 - 25-05-2009
- FIX: if the move request takes some time to finish, the dragline now stays put when dropped instead of still being 
dragged along with the mouse.
- Changed color of the row that is being dragged to fit better with default Radiant colors.
- Small robustness-fix for cases when the rake migrate is forgotten.
- Modified install instructions in README.

# v0.3   - 16-03-2009
- Incorporated copy functionality. When pressing Ctrl or Command, you can copy the item.
- Fixed errors which occurred when trying to place two pages with the same slugs. Now, the second one is seen as a copy.

- Fixed some JS errors.

# v0.2.3 - 16-03-2009
- v0.2.2. was not really compatible with Radiant > 0.6.9... This one should be compatible with versions both before and 
after 0.7.

# v0.2.2 - 12-03-2009
- Made compatible with Radiant > 0.6.9

# v0.2.1 - 23-02-2009
- Fixed JS bug that did not allow dragging of child pages which were loaded using AJAX after expanding a page.

# v0.2   - 21-02-2009
- Initial commit