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Domoboard plugins

Domoboard is a dashboard for Domoticz based on Python Flask. The decision was made to use Domoticz as an backend because it is a powerful framework for home automation. Flask was choosen to get all the powerful features that Python offers.

This git repository contains all available plugins for Domoboard.

Quick install

On the settings page Domoboard offers a tab which allows users to install plugins automatically. Using this page plugins from this GitHub page can be installed in just one click.

alt tag

Manually install plugins

Clone this git.

git clone https://github.com/wez3/domoboard-plugins

Select the plugin that you wish to install. Navigate to the folder of the plugin and copy the plugin files in to the webroot of the Domoboard dashboard.

cd example-plugin
cp -r * /path/to/domoboard

Check the plugins README file (if available) to check whether special action are required to install the plugin.

Keep in mind during development

  • Make sure to use the requestAPI(url) JavaScript function which is builtin to Domoboard when calling the API. This function adds a Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) token to the request, which is required when calling the API.