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When using Entity Framework, the ConcurrencyMode attribute for properties mapped to rowversion (a.k.a. timestamp) database columns, should be set to ConcurrencyMode.Fixed, to enable optimistic concurrency.

Unfortunately, due to a bug in the Entity Framework tools, that property is set to ConcurrencyMode.None when you generate an edmx file by reverse engineering a database.

This utility corrects the faulty ConcurrencyMode settings in your edmx files.


Basic usage is simple. Use the -i option to specify input file, like so

FixEFConcurrencyModes -i MyEdmxFile.edmx

This will change MyEdmxFile.edmx so that all columns of type rowversion or timestamp will have ConcurrencyMode = Fixed. If this default behaviour doesn’t suit you, there are a few options.

-i <filename>               Edmx input file. Required.
-o <filename>               Output file. Default: overwrite the input file.
-n <pattern1 pattern2 ...>  Regex patterns for column names used for concurrency control.
-t <type1 type2 ...>        Types for concurrency control. Default: rowversion timestamp
-p                          Preview. Changes are shown but nothing is written to file.
-q                          Quiet mode.
--help                      Display the help screen.

A few examples

The following will set ConcurrencyMode = Fixed on all columns of type uniqueidentifier or timestamp:

FixEFConcurrencyModes -i MyEdmxFile.edmx -t uniqueidentifier timestamp

This will set ConcurrencyMode = Fixed on all columns with names that include the substring “VersionNo” or end with “Revision”:

FixEFConcurrencyModes -i myfile.edmx -n VersionNo Revision$

If you want to preview what FixEFConcurrencyModes will change, but don’t want to save the changes, use the -p option:

FixEFConcurrencyModes -i myfile.edmx -p

Associated blog post.


A utility to automate setting of Entity Framework ConcurrencyMode settings for rowversion/timestamp columns



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