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(Cross) Compile FreeBSD binaries on Linux
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This creates a container that can be used to cross-compile FreeBSD binaries natively on Linux.

To build:

docker build -t freebsd-cross .

To run:

docker run --rm -it freebsd-cross bash

There is /freebsd/bin on the path. It has all of the build tools (e.g. x86_64-pc-freebsd12-gcc)

It is likely you would add a -v switch to the run (to put your code on a mount).

Rust Image

There is a second Dockerfile that can be used to cross-compile FreeBSD Rust binaries.

To build:

docker build -f Dockerfile.rust -t freebsd-cross-rust .

See the following script for an example of its use on a Rust project:

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