node.js module that acts as a client to a Kyoto Tycoon server
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kyoto-client is a node.js module that acts as a client to a Kyoto Tycoon server. Kyoto Tycoon is the server component of Kyoto Cabinet, a fast, efficient key-value store developed by FAL labs. Records can be stored on disk or in memory using a hash table or B+ tree.


Installation via npm is recommended:

npm install kyoto-client

You will of course also need a running Kyoto Tycoon server. Kyoto Tycoon is available via MacPorts, Homebrew on Mac OS X but for other systems (such as Debian and Ubuntu) it doesn't appear to be packaged so you will need to build from source.

Documentation and Examples

Refer to the kyoto-client homepage for full API details and examples.


kyoto-client is implemented in CoffeeScript and uses nodeunit for testing. Both are available via npm as coffee-script and nodeunit respectfully. It is developed against the current stable node.js version.

The primary documentation for the project is its website, the source of which is also included here. The website is built with nanoc. To get setup for making documentation changes you'll need to install nanoc and some other RubyGems:

  • From the doc directory run bundle install (assumes you have previously installed bundler).
  • Start the nanoc autocompiler with bundle exec nanoc aco and navigate to http://localhost:3000/.

Contributions are welcome and should maintain the existing coding style and be accompanied by tests and documentation. Bugs and desired features are tracked in the issue tracker. The tests can be run via cake test.