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Wesley Moore

👨‍💻 Software Developer 🌏 Sunshine Coast, Australia

My most used programming languages

Hi I’m Wes 👋. I like warm weather and tinkering with computers; ranging from small microcontrollers, up to large servers and the operating systems that run upon them. I’m a Rustacean 🦀 with a fondness for mechanical keyboards. I work at YesLogic on the Prince HTML to PDF converter. Read more on my website →

Project Showcase

A selection of some of my projects.

Note: I also have some projects on now.

Repo Description Language Stars
yeslogic/allsorts OpenType font parser, shaping engine, and subsetter Rust ★ 692
RSS Please Generate RSS feeds from web sites Rust ★ 255
Read Rust A website that curates interesting posts related to Rust. Crystal and Rust ★ 197
git-grab Clone a git repository into a standard location organised by domain and path Rust ★ 126
titlecase A tool and Rust crate for cleverly transforming text into Title Case. Rust ★ 81
linux-conf-au-2019-epaper-badge An interactive conference badge with an e-Paper display running on Raspberry Pi Zero W Rust ★ 63
pkb Personal knowledge base. Live at Ruby Rust ★ 50
profont ProFont for the embedded-graphics crate Rust ★ 49
dotfiles My CLI configuration files N/A ★ 24
garage-door-monitor Notifies me when the garage door is left open using a Raspberry Pi and 13 Mb Linux image Rust ★ 19
clueboard-rust-firmware A firmware for the Clueboard 66% Low Profile keyboard Rust ★ 11
feedfinder Rust crate for auto-discovery of feeds in HTML content Rust ★ 10
7clock A terminal clock that uses 7-segment display characters Rust ★ 7 Source of my website HTML ★ 6
timestampr Tool for writing timestamps to a file to make video editing easier Rust ★ 5 A fun website of things that were a mistake TypeScript ★ 5
github-system-emoji-extension Firefox extension for Linux users to make GitHub use system emoji instead of ugly images of Noto Color Emoji JavaScript ★ 5
dewpoint A website that provides a 7 day dewpoint forecast for a selected location Rust ★ 4
rsdate Connects to an ntp server, printing the returned time and/or sets the system clock. Rust ★ 4
zfs-autosnap (fork) Automatic ZFS snapshot utility Rust ★ 3
Quotes A retro themed web-app for quoting friends Rust ★ 0


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