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boom changes


  • Don't force Redis on everyone.


  • boom has been rewritten to use multiple backends. Use boom switch <backend> to switch from the default JSON backend. Currently only Redis is supported. Pull Requests are welcome.


  • boom open will open the Item's URL in a browser, or it'll open all the URLs in a List for you. Thanks lwe.
  • Values for item creation can have spaces, and then they get concat'ed as one value. Thanks lwe.
  • Replacing an item no longer dupes the item; it'll just replace the value. Thank god, finally. Thanks thbishop.
  • Also started completion/, a place to drop in scripts to set up completion support for boom. Starting out with thbishop's bash script, but if anyone has something for zsh I'd kiss them a bit.
  • boom echo (and boom e) just echos the value; great for command-line scripts and junk! Thanks bschaeffer.


  • Backport Symbol#to_proc for 1.8.6 support (thanks kastner and DeMarko).



  • Reverts item creation from stdin, since it broke regular item creation.


  • Searching for an item that doesn't exist doesn't murder puppies anymore (thanks jimmycuadra).
  • Output is a bit cleaner with a constrained name column.
  • Adds items from stdin (thanks MichaelXavier).


  • Item deletes are now scoped by list rather than GLOBAL DESTRUCTION! (thanks natebean).
  • Command line options, like boop --help are translated into boom help. In the future we play around with options a bit more.
  • Non-Mac-based platforms get clipboard support with xclip. If it's problematic (which it almost certainly is; I'm breaking this more or less on purpose), please patch it and send me a pull request for your particular platform.


  • Adds boom help. You know, for help.


  • boom edit to edit your stuff in a friendly $EDITOR.
  • Class-level accessors in List for ActiveRecordesque actions.



  • BOOM!