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# Genres
jazz = Genre.create!(name: 'Jazz')
rock = Genre.create!(name: 'Rock')
classical = Genre.create!(name: 'Classical')
# Artists
miles_davis = Artist.create!(name: 'Miles Davis', genre: jazz)
benny_goodman = Artist.create!(name: 'Benny Goodman', genre: jazz)
glenn_miller = Artist.create!(name: 'Glenn Miller', genre: jazz)
the_beatles = Artist.create!(name: 'The Beatles', genre: rock)
the_doors = Artist.create!(name: 'The Doors', genre: rock)
tchaikovsky = Artist.create!(name: 'Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky', genre: classical)
# Songs
Song.create!(name: 'Freddie Freeloader', artist: miles_davis)
Song.create!(name: 'So What', artist: miles_davis)
Song.create!(name: 'All Blues', artist: miles_davis)
Song.create!(name: 'Begin the Beguine', artist: benny_goodman)
Song.create!(name: 'Sing Sing Sing', artist: benny_goodman)
Song.create!(name: 'In the Mood', artist: glenn_miller)
Song.create!(name: 'Revolution', artist: the_beatles)
Song.create!(name: 'Help!', artist: the_beatles)
Song.create!(name: 'Get Back', artist: the_beatles)