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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# Generating rvm self documents
# uncomment for debugging
#set -x
# checking system requirements
[[ `which asciidoc 2> /dev/null` ]] || (echo "'asciidoc' is not installed on your system, exiting..."; exit 1)
[[ `which docbook2man 2> /dev/null` ]] || (echo "'docbook2x' is not installed on your system, exiting..."; exit 1)
DIRNAME=$(dirname $0)
rvm_base_dir=$(cd $DIRNAME/../; pwd)
\mkdir -p ${rvm_tmp_dir}
\mkdir -p ${rvm_docs_target_man_dir}
echo "Starting doc generation run through."
# processing manpages
find ${rvm_docs_src_dir} -type f -name *.txt | while read rvm_manpage_file; do
# trying to detect manpage name automatically
# (just for fun, I don't think, that rvm will ever have more then one manpage :)
# The name of the generated manpage is initially specified within the source file in asciidoc format,
# so we'll do some simple parsing
# We assume, that it will be specified at one of the 3 (three) first lines
# of the source file.
# it should be something like 'RVM(1)'
rvm_manpage_name_full="$(head -n 3 < "$rvm_manpage_file" | \grep -o '^[^(]*[(][^)]*[)]$')"
if [[ -z "${rvm_manpage_name_full}" ]]; then
echo "Unable to detect manpage name, stopping build process..." 1>&2
exit 1
# we need smth like 'rvm.1'
rvm_manpage_name="$(echo "$rvm_manpage_name_full" | sed "s|(|.|;s|)||" | tr '[[:upper:]]' '[[:lower:]]')"
# we need '1'
rvm_manpage_name_part=$(echo "$rvm_manpage_name" | cut -d '.' -f 2)
# So, the manpage directory will be the following:
mkdir -p "$rvm_manpage_dir"
echo "Generating manpage format from source file for $rvm_manpage_name"
a2x -d manpage -f manpage -D "$rvm_manpage_dir" "$rvm_manpage_file" > /dev/null 2>&1
if [[ "$?" -gt 0 ]]; then
echo "Unable to generate manpage for $rvm_manpage_name_full"
\rm -f "$( echo "$rvm_manpage_file" | sed 's/.txt$/.xml/')"
# compression is optional, but gzip check added for neatness
if command -v gzip >/dev/null 2>&1; then
echo "gzip compressing the manpage"
gzip < "$rvm_manpage_dir/$rvm_manpage_name" > "$rvm_manpage_dir/$rvm_manpage_name.gz"
# vim: ft=sh
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