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Project Genesis Genesis Avatar

Supported by Warframe Community Developers

A Discord.js bot for tracking Warframe alerts, invasions and more.


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Feel free to submit a pull request. We are working on build checks and tests, and we use aribnb's codestyle and eslint configuration. Plugins for auto-linting on save are available for many popular editors.

Thanks Discord, Legalese things

Due to the New Discord T.O.S , if you continue to use, participate, be in, or not leave Cephalon Sanctuary, you agree to allowing me, any person, user, or member, any bot, service, app, and anything to collect, use, transmit, or any data related to your user account, any data made available by Discord in the API or SDK, any metadata from your user account, any messages and or content you send, and anything else you do or give by staying in Cephalon Sanctuary, or by using my bot.

If you do not agree to letting Genesis, Oratoris, or any other bot there do so, please kick Genesis from your clan or depart from Cephalon Sanctuary.

Get Help on Discord

Try Genesis on Discord!


  1. Clone this repo

    # For SSH
    git clone git@github.wfcd/genesis.git
    # For HTTPS
    git clone
  2. Install mysql server and configure a database to store settings and data

  3. Run npm i

  4. Start bot with pm2 using a copy of the provided pm2.json file.

  5. See below for available config / commands


Genesis requires a MySQL server. It uses the MYSQL_* environment variables for determining where to connect to

Environment Variable Description Example Default
TOKEN Discord connection token mfa.234089sdfasdf20dfada,f.asd N\A
LOCATION_MAX_CACHED_TIME Maximum amount of time to cache location data 600000 60000
NEXUSSTATS_MAX_CACHED_TIME Maximum amount of time to cache nexus stats data 600000 60000
LOG_LEVEL Logging level of the bot, including info, debug, error, fatal DEBUG ERROR
MYSQL_DB MySQL database name, used for connecting to data provider and storage genesis genesis
MYSQL_PASSWORD MySQL database connection password password N\A
MYSQL_USER MySQL database connection user genesis genesis
MYSQL_PORT MySQL database connection port 3306 3306
MYSQL_HOST Hostname for conneting to MySQL localhost localhost
SHARD_OFFSET Offset of the first shard id for the local shards, default 0 2 0
LOCAL_SHARDS Number of shards locally 2 1
SHARDS Total number of shards 1 1
OWNER ID of the person owning/running the bot, used for checking permissions
DISCORD_BOTS_WEB_TOKEN Token used to update bot statistics as;dofiahsdf N\A
DISCORD_BOTS_WEB_USER Bot user id on to update with server count 6456514654966321321 N\A
DISCORD_CARBON_TOKEN Carbonitex bot token for posting server data to Carbonitex as;dofiahsdf N\A
PREFIX Default prefix to use for the instance \ \
RAVEN_URL DSN url for logging data to Sentry 'https://***:******' N\A
TWITTER_TIMEOUT Milliseconds between each request batch to twitter 60000 60000
TWITTER_KEY Twitter API consumer key 'asdfiijas' N\A
TWITTER_SECRET Twitter API consumer secret 'asddofh' N\A
TWITTER_BEARER_TOKEN Twitter App-only Bearer token 'AAAAAasddfasd' N\A


Honestly too many to put here


License: Apache 2.0

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