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herc-tools: Tools for Hercules and MVS 3.8J Turnkey Systems


This projects contains tools for the handling of batch jobs in a Hercules plus MVS 3.8J Turnkey System (e.g. tk4-) environment

  • hercjis - batch job preprocessor and submission tool, supports variable substitution and file inclusion and allows to build jobs from modular building blocks. Can submit directly to a sockdev reader and write the created JCL to a file.
  • hercjos - yet another sockdev printer.
  • hercjsu - analyses batch job output files and generates compact summaries. Very helpful when a larger number of job outputs have to be checked.
  • hercexport - list and unload to ASCII of a set of DASD

hercjis should work with all OS running on Hercules. hercjos and hercjsu handle, at this point, only output from MVS 3.8J systems with the JES2 configuration distributed with the Turnkey Systems, tk3 and tk4-.

The tools were initially developed in the context of the wfjm/mvs38j-langtest and wfjm/s370-perf GitHub projects which now include herc-tools as submodules.

Directory organization

The project files are organized in directories as

Directory Content
bin scripts
doc documentation


This project is released under the GPL V3 license, all files contain a SPDX-style disclaimer:

SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later

The full text of the GPL license is in this directory as License.txt.